My Children

My children are the light of my life, I am proud of each and every one of them.

They are 21 in December, 17, and 14... three of the prettiest girls you will ever see.

My beautiful girlsThis picture was taken in June of 2005. My oldest daughter graduated from high school and I am so proud of her for that, I am so proud of them no matter what, they are the light of my life. My oldest works in a Burgerville©, well actually both of the older ones work there, after all there are not many places in the small town they live in to get a job while you are still in school.

My youngest is grduating Junior High this year and will start the exciting and sometimes stressful life of High School. They sure grow up fast, one day you are singing them to sleep or teaching them to ride a bike and the next you are sending them off to the Prom or some school dance.Niki

SamanthaI wish only the best for my girls no matter what they decide to do with their lives, I will be here for them for whatever reason they need me. I love you girls with all of my heart and soul.


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