My cats

PrincessThis is Princess the oldest of my five cats. My current husband brought her to the marriage, his children named her so I don't know for sure where the name came from. I do know that the rest of our bunch know that she is the queen, they don't mess with her much and she keeps to herself most of the time. She also likes to sleep in the strangest places, as you can see from the picture one of those places is the bathroom sink. I guess it's because no one bothers her when she is in the sink. She is also called pretty kitty and kitty baby.


BabyThis is Baby, she is the second of the bunch, a very loveable but sometimes annoying little girl. She is pure black so it is hard to get pictures of her since we don't have white carpeting in the house. This one loves attention, we call her the hand chaser because once you pet her she will follow your hand where ever it goes just to get you to pet her some more. She is very timid and until we had her tail bobbed she seemed afraid of the other cats, I am not sure why that made a difference but she had a large lump on her tail so we had it taken off because of the risk of it being cancer, since then she seems to be a little stronger willed tho' I'm not sure what that has to do with it but it seemed to make a difference.

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