Welcome to my brag page!

I am 46 years old, a mother of three beautiful girls, a 14 year breast cancer survivor and currently taking web design classes through Penn Foster©, I hope to have my own Web hosting business when I am done.

I like cats, scrapbooking, Web design of course, collecting things that when purchased help contribute to the research of breast cancer cures, I also dabble a little bit in poetry, they say you are your own worst critic and I believe this to be true since I don't think I am all that good but some of my poems have been published by Poetry.com©



My three beautiful duaghters have a lot of life to live yet and it is my hope that they will not ever have to deal with the daily life of being a cancer survivor so if I can help research even just a little bit than I will do what I can.



On this page you will find links to all sorts of different places, some informative and some that I hope you will find fun or interesting at least.

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